The Art of Frugality

Learn all my tips and tricks to lower everyday expenses without missing out on the important things in life.

5 Cheap Date Ideas

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Dating can be one way that a typically frugal person can overspend, especially during the initial stages where people are aiming to impress through grandiose gestures. However, there are plenty of ways to be romantic without breaking the bank. Today I will share some… Continue Reading “5 Cheap Date Ideas”

Oats – The Cheap and Delicious Breakfast Option

Overnight Oats

One of the cheapest ways to enjoy a healthy breakfast is oatmeal. Now that might sound bland to people who have only had plain oats in the past but today I’m going to share a delicious breakfast recipe that comes in at 75 cents… Continue Reading “Oats – The Cheap and Delicious Breakfast Option”

How to Eat Healthy Dinners for under $2 a serve

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Dinners are perhaps one of the easiest things to spend a lot of money on. Think about it, you have just finished work, you’re tired, you want to put your feet up and the last thing that you want to do is slave away… Continue Reading “How to Eat Healthy Dinners for under $2 a serve”

3 Cheap Alternatives to a Gym Membership


Gyms can often make or break a budget because their prices can go anywhere from modest to exponential, depending on the service they offer. Whether you want particular equipment, want to pay more to be around people, pay more to avoid people, require trained… Continue Reading “3 Cheap Alternatives to a Gym Membership”

5 Common Foods That You’re Paying Too Much For


1. Rice Microwaveable rice is extremely convenient, you just throw it into the microwave, wait 30 seconds and presto, you’re good to go. However, the price comes out at about $1.25 for a 125g serve or 1 cent per gram of rice. Alternatively, if… Continue Reading “5 Common Foods That You’re Paying Too Much For”

Financial Minimalism – The Necessity Test


The Necessity Test Minimalism refers to the process of disregarding non-essential items from your life, while holding onto items that serve a genuine, life-enriching purpose. For example, wall art might look nice in your house but does it serve a functional purpose other than… Continue Reading “Financial Minimalism – The Necessity Test”

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