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Dollar-cost Averaging vs Lump-Sum Investing

A very common question that gets raised in the investing community is whether it is better to invest a large amount of cash in one hit (lump sum investing) or if it is better to evenly distribute your sum over a longer time period… Continue Reading “Dollar-cost Averaging vs Lump-Sum Investing”

How to Invest During a Recession

Recessions can be a daunting prospect, particularly for beginner investors and people who aren’t well versed in the history of the stock market. To make matters worse, news outlets and financial analysts are often prophesying an unprecedented, catastrophic recession. But fear not, because today… Continue Reading “How to Invest During a Recession”

ETFs Explained – What Are ETFs and Are They a Good Investment?

Welcome to ETFs Explained – Today I’ll be covering what they are, how they work, the pros and cons of ETF investing, the commonly used ETFs by Aussies chasing financial independence and how you can invest in ETFs. ETFs Explained – What Are They?… Continue Reading “ETFs Explained – What Are ETFs and Are They a Good Investment?”