The Best Money Saving Apps in Australia (2022)

Today I’ll discuss the best money saving apps in Australia. Covering everything from insurance to petrol to groceries, these apps and websites can help you save thousands each year.

The Best Money Saving Apps in Australia

The Best Cashback App – Cashrewards  


What is it? 

Cashrewards is an Australian cashback reward program that was founded in 2014. It is partnered with 1,500 popular Australian companies, including Groupon, Amazon and Dan Murphy’s. By shopping at these stores through Cashrewards, users are credited with cashback rewards. These are redeemable through PayPal and linked bank accounts.  

How Does it Work? 

When a Cashrewards user purchases something from one of the supported stores via the app, Cashrewards receives a commission. Cashrewards then shares part of this commission with the user as a cashback reward.  
Users can shop online through the Cashrewards app or link their debit card to make in-store purchases. When a user receives rewards totalling $10.01 or more, they can withdraw the money. This can be redeemed through PayPal and bank accounts.  

How Can I Start Using It? 

Simply sign up to the Cashrewards app and begin making purchases. This can be done by linking your debit card and using it at popular retails as you normally would. Alternatively, you can load websites through the app to receive cashback rewards.  

Sign Up for a Bonus $20 

By signing up through the above link, you can receive a $20 bonus that is credited once you make a purchase of $20 or more. Saving you $20 off your next shop at eligible retailers.  

The Best Coupon App – Honey


What is it? 

Honey is a browser extension and mobile app that automatically applies coupons to online purchases. Applicable on over 30,000 sites, it will automatically apply coupon codes to ensure that you get the best possible deal.  

Honey also offers a rewards program called ‘Honey Gold’. When users shop at 5,000+ supported stores, they receive Honey Gold once they finalise their purchases. Honey Gold can be redeemed for gift cards. These gift cards are redeemable for eBay, Spotify, Amazon, Coles and Woolworths among others.  

How Does it Work? 

Users need to sign up and download the Honey browser extension. Once downloaded, a small ‘h’ icon will appear in the user’s browser extensions. When shopping at supported stores, Honey will automatically apply coupons as the user reaches the checkout screen. It will then tell the user whether or not they have the best possible deal. 
Honey Gold is also automated when these coupons are applied. This means, that users receive the best possible pricing while receiving additional rewards from the Honey Gold program.  

How Can I Start Using It? 

Simply sign up to Honey on your browser and download the extension. Once it’s up and running, it will automatically start working at applicable stores. 

Sign up for a 500 Honey Gold Bonus 

By signing up through the above link, you can receive a 500 Honey Gold bonus that is credited once you earn gold on a purchase. If you require any additional help signing up or have further questions, this is a useful guide

The Best Fuel Prices App – Petrol Spy


What is It?  

Petrol Spy is a website and app that compares petrol prices in specific regions.  

How Does it Work? 

Simply enter your suburb or postcode and it will update the map to reflect all of the petrol prices of various service stations in your local area. By choosing the cheapest outlets, users can save hundreds per year on fuel.  

How Can I Start Using It? 

You can use this link to access the Petrol Spy website. Alternatively, it is available on Google Play and in the App Store for users who want to download it to their phones. 

The Best Price Comparison Website – Finder

What is it? 

Finder is an Australian website that compares prices on thousands of brands and categories. These categories include loans, credit cards, utilities, insurances, internet plans and phone deals among others.  

How Does it Work? 

Simply input the brand or category you are interested in and it will generate a list of providers in that area. You can further specify it by selecting specific providers and using filters to limit your search.  

Where Can I Start Using It? 

You can use this link to access the Finder website. It is not necessary to sign up, but it can be useful to stay on top of the latest deals.  

The Best Bitcoin Cashback Website – Lolli

What is It?  

Lolli is a free browser extension that rewards users with BTC cashback for shopping at popular online retailers such as eBay, Cotton On and Apple.

How Does it Work? 

When you shop online using the Lolli browser extension, it will notify you if you’re on one of its partner sites. If you enable Lolli on these sites, they will receive a commission from that site in exchange for Lolli directing you to make a purchase. Lolli then gives you a portion of this reward in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin as an incentive for using their extension, resulting in a win/win for both you and Lolli.

How Can I Start Using It? 

Sign up using this link and receive a $5 BTC bonus on your first eligible spend.

The Best Money Saving Apps in Australia Table

Site/App Niche How It Can Save You Money 
Petrol Spy Petrol/Gas  Identifies the cheapest fuel in your area  
Honey Automated Coupons Automatically applies coupons to online purchases  
LolliCrypto CashbackProvides up to 30% BTC Cashback on Purchases
CashRewards Cashback Purchases Provides cashback rewards with over 1,500 popular Australian stores 
Finder Comparison Finder  Compares thousands of Australian goods and services to find the most competitive price  

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