Honey App Review Australia – One of the Best Money Savings Apps for Online Shopping (2022)

Honey App Review

Honey App Review Australia – Today I’ll discuss the popular app and browser extension Honey. Here I explain what it is, how it works, whether it’s safe, their business model and how the app can help you save money.

Honey App Review Australia – What is Honey?

Honey is a free coupon app and extension that automatically finds and applies coupons on 40,000 + online retailers, ensuring that you get the best deal on your online purchases. The app has several tools integrated into it, which allows users to find coupons for popular retailers, earn reward points that are redeemable for gift cards and analyse the price history of thousands of products.

Honey App Review Australia – How Does it Work?

When you download the Honey app or browser extension, you give Honey permission to analyse your browser/device when you enter an online retailer. If Honey detects that you are on a supported shop, it will ask permission to search for coupons. If you grant it permission, it will then apply all registered coupons on the database. 

Through the process of elimination, it will cypher from all valid coupons and automatically apply the coupon which offers the greatest discount. As such, it is a quick and efficient way of saving money, as it automates the coupon process, providing the best possible deal for its userbase. 

Additionally, Honey has a Gold Rewards program, which rewards users with Honey Gold on supported websites. Honey Gold is redeemable for gift cards at popular merchants, meaning you can simultaneously save money and earn rewards cards by using the extension.

Honey App Review Australia – How Does Honey Earn Money?

Despite popular misconceptions, Honey doesn’t make money by selling your data. Instead, they make commissions from their merchant partners. When you shop online at a supported merchant and use the Honey extension to apply coupons or earn gold rewards, the merchant is informed that Honey assisted in helping you as a customer make the purchase.
As a result, Honey earns a commission of your purchase, while you receive a discount and potentially a portion of that commission in the form of Honey Gold. The end result is a win/win where both the app and the user are rewarded for purchasing from the merchant.

If you would like to read more about how Honey makes money, please refer to their FAQ here:

How does Honey make money?

Honey App Review Australia – Why Should I Use it?

Honey App Review Australia

As previously mentioned, Honey is free and has a stringent privacy policy to protect your data. It also automatically applies coupons to various online retailers and may reward users in Honey Gold which can be redeemed for gift cards at popular online merchants such as Amazon, eBay and Woolworths.

Subsequently, there is a low risk and high reward for using this app, as it is specifically engineers to save its user’s money when they shop online by applying coupons and offering free rewards.

Honey App Review Australia – Is it Safe?

While it may sound too good to be true, Honey offers a transparent policy on how they handle user data. As discussed earlier, Honey has limited access to your browsing data. However, it does not track your search engine history, emails or browsing data on any site that is not a retail website.

Instead, Honey activates when you are on a pre-approved retail site by detecting the website. When it detects one of these pre-approved websites, it collects information about that site helping select the applicable coupons and promos for you as a consumer. They also may collect information about pricing and the availability of certain items, which is then shared with the rest of the honey community.

Therefore, Honey is considered legitimate and safe regarding their stance on user privacy, as they only collect data when it is beneficial to you by detecting when you are shopping at a supported retailer. 
If you would like to read more about their privacy policy and how they collect information, please refer to their Privacy and Security Policy here:

Honey Privacy and Security Policy

Honey App Review Australia – What is Honey Gold?

Honey App Review Australia

Honey Gold or Gold Rewards is a free rewards program offered by Honey that allows users to earn Honey Gold on eligible purchases. When you go to the checkout of an online store, Honey will automatically apply coupons and detect whether the purchase is eligible for Honey Gold. If the purchase is eligible, Honey will ask if you want to activate Gold Rewards. 

From there, Honey will apply the greatest discounted coupon to your order while also potentially rewarding you with Gold Rewards. These reward points can be redeemed for gift cards to popular stores.

Honey App Review Australia – How to Earn Gift Cards

Once you have accrued enough Honey Gold, you can redeem them for gift cards to a range of Australian stores. Some of the currently supported stores include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Myer
  • Target
  • Uber
  • Woolworths

To redeem these gift cards, simply go to the ‘Honey Gold’ portion of your account and click ‘Redeem. From there, you’ll be shown a list of supported stores. Click on the store that you want and if you have enough Gold Rewards, you’ll be able to score free gift cards.

These gift cards can be redeemed at $10 intervals, with 800 Honey Gold earning a $10 gift card. Fortunately, you can earn hundreds of Honey Gold for free with eligible purchases and can start off with a 500 Gold sign up bonus by using this sign up link:

Sign Up to Honey and Earn 500 Honey Gold 

Honey App Review Australia Summary

Honey App Review Australia

Honey is a free discount rewards app and browser extension that helps users lock in the best possible price when shopping online. By automatically detecting eligible retailers, the extension looks for and applies all registered coupons in the database. Once the greatest available discount is located, it’s applied to your order. This provides the greatest possible saving for its customers. Additionally, Honey will detect whether the shop is eligible for Honey Gold, a rewards token that can be redeemed for gift cards to popular shops such as Amazon and Woolworths.

This business model applies a win/win dynamic, where the merchant locks in a customer, Honey is given a commission and the customer is offered a free discount and Honey Gold on eligible purchases. For these reasons, Honey is a great app for anyone looking to be more thrifty with their spending habits, while also being rewarded in gift cards for making their daily purchases. 

Honey App Review Australia – Sign Up and Earn Free Honey Gol

If you would like to sign up for Honey, you can use this referral link. By signing up, you’ll receive 500 Honey Gold when you make your first eligible purchase using the app/extension. Once you reach 800 Honey Gold, you’ll be able to exchange your gold for a $10 gift card to shops such as eBay and Woolworths. 

Alternatively, you can manually input the following code when you sign up: 0jbctts

If you require any additional help in signing up, here is a useful guide.

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