Digital Surge Review – Reviewing Australia’s Best Cryptocurrency Exchange for Beginners (2022)  

Digital Surge Review Australia – Today I’m reviewing Digital Surge, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange tailored for beginner investors. I’ll cover what Digital Surge is, its security features, its fees, features and the pros and cons to help you decide whether it is the right exchange for you.  

Digital Surge Review – What is Digital Surge? 

Digital Surge is an Australian owned and operated cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in Brisbane in 2017, Digital Surge consists of a small crew of experts with backgrounds in IT, security, finance, cryptocurrency and customer support. The exchange was designed by the team to provide a fast and easy way for Aussie investors to buy, trade and even pay their bills with digital assets such as Bitcoin.  

Digital Surge Review – Security  

Digital Surge provides a high level of security for its users by incorporating numerous security protocols. The website is hosted on a secure server that operates in a closed network environment. Additionally, all website traffic is run through an encrypted SSL (HTTPS). This enables a secure and safe network to buy, sell and trade crypto on the exchange.  

Further security protocols such as 2-step verification for withdrawals and regular security reviews and updates are mandated to ensure optimal safety. Another significant security parameter that the team takes is to ensure that funds are held both in hot wallets and cold wallet storage to optimise exchange functionality and security.  

For these reasons, Digital Surge is one of the most secure crypto exchanges available to Australian residents. If you’d like further clarity on what these features are, I have provided explanatory guides to some of the security protocols below: 

What is 2-Step Verification? 
The Difference Between Hot and Cold Wallets  
What is HTTPS?  

Digital Surge Review – Trading Fees 

Digital Surge Review Australia - Fees

Digital Surge offers flat-rate trading fees of 0.5% for all crypto buys and sells with spreads of 0.4%.  When compared to other Australian crypto exchanges such as Swyftx and Independent Reserve, Digital Surge is the clear winner in terms of having the lowest trading fees and spreads.  

Cryptocurrency deposits are free, whereas crypto withdrawals come with the standard network transaction fee. Fiat (AUD) deposits are free for PayID deposits whereas POLi Bank Deposits are capped at $3.30. It is free to withdraw AUD, regardless of the transaction size.  

Therefore, Digital Surge offers the lowest trading fees, spreads and withdrawal fees among any Australian crypto exchange, making it a clear favourite in terms of cost-effectiveness.  

For more information on Digital Surge’s Fee Policy, please refer to their guide: 

Digital Surge Fees 

Digital Surge Review – Pros  

Beginner Friendly  

Without a doubt, the most appealing feature of Digital Surge is its user interface. The website is extremely simple, with all prices being listed in AUD. With its limited features, the exchange is streamlined and extremely easy for beginner investors to navigate.  

Additionally, having all assets priced in AUD with the ability to buy directly with AUD makes it a very simple buying and selling process. Users can deposit AUD, spend AUD and view their crypto balances fluctuate in AUD, making it a very easy to comprehend ecosystem.  

This differentiates Digital Surge from other competitors which can price their assets in terms of BTC or USD, which can often confuse beginner investors. Lastly, the website offers four categories which each lead to very simple, functions. These are: 

FeatureWhat it Enables
Buy and SellThe Ability to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies
Your Personal WalletViewing of Crypto Balances
Pay Your BillsAbility to Pay Bills in Bitcoin Through BPAY
Learn CryptoFree Resources to Learn Cryptocurrency Basics

For these reasons, Digital Surge is the most beginner-friendly and easy to navigate crypto exchange that I have personally come across.  

Ability to Pay Bills in Bitcoin 

Digital Surge Review Australia - Pay Bills in BTC

A really unique and interesting feature of Digital Surge is the ability to pay your bills in Bitcoin (BTC). This exclusive option allows Digital Surge users to pay their bills in BTC through BPAY. By simply inputting the biller code, Digital Surge will convert your BTC holdings into AUD to cover common bills such as your electricity or gas.  

While this isn’t a feature that I would personally use, as I prefer to think of BTC as a store of wealth as opposed to a digital currency, this is a revolutionary step in the right direction. Subsequently, investors who would like to use their cryptocurrencies in real-time can benefit greatly from this product. Particularly those who are paid directly in cryptocurrency from their business or work.  

High Customer Satisfaction

At the time of writing this, Digital Surge has an average rating on of 4.79/5 from 294 reviewers. It is also recommended by 96% of users, making it one of the highly-rated cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.  

This is likely attributed to the easy to navigate user interface and the high degree of customer support offered by the small team. If you would like to read the user reviews, I have attached them in the link below: 

Digital Surge Customer Reviews

Good Range of Assets  

Digital Surge offers exposure to more than 250 unique crypto assets. This rates it highly among other Australian exchanges which generally offer less than 100 crypto assets. For this reason, Digital Surge is one of the better Australian crypto exchanges for users looking to trade altcoins.  

Digital Surge Review – Cons  

Limited Features for Advanced Traders  

Digital Surge lacks a few features that advance traders may be accustomed to. For example, the exchange doesn’t offer margin trading, leverage trading, an NFT marketplace or crypto-backed loans. While the lack of somewhat complex features may make Digital Surge appealing to newer investors, this could be considered a dealbreaker for more seasoned crypto investors who would like to optimise on these services. If you fall into this category, I would recommend either Binance or OKEx, both of which I have reviewed in detail below: 

Binance Review 
OKEx Review  

Lack of Staking/Earn Features  

Similar to the point above, some of the larger international exchanges offer features that enable their users to earn a yield on their crypto assets either through staking or lending. However, Digital Surge at this stage does not offer these services. In a similar vein to what was previously mentioned, this can be seen as beneficial for new investors, as it doesn’t convolute their experience while using an exchange. However, advanced users or people looking to earn interest on their assets may wish to use another exchange that provides these features.  

Fortunately, you can utilise Digital Surge as an exchange in combination with popular crypto earn apps such as BlockFi and Celsius, which offer investors the opportunity to earn up to 12% p.a. returns on popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. If you’d like to learn more about these platforms and how to best use them, I have written the following guides: 

BlockFi Review

Celsius Review

Digital Surge Review – Pros and Cons Summary

Beginner Friendly Limited Features for Advanced Traders
Ability to Pay Bills in BTCLack of Staking/Earn Features
High Customer Satisfaction
Good Range of Digital Assets

Digital Surge Review – The Final Verdict  

Digital Surge Review Australia - Portfolio

Digital Surge is the best cryptocurrency exchange available to Australians. It offers a slick and streamlined platform that is optimised to help beginner investors navigate the crypto space. All assets are displayed in AUD, to make it easy for Aussie investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. It’s also free to deposit AUD via PayID and withdraw AUD holdings, making it very Australian-friendly. Additionally, it offers competitive fees, the lowest spreads in Australia among any crypto exchange and an easy to navigate user interface.  

It provides a lot of traditional features that people look for in a crypto exchange such as the ability to set up recurring orders, watchlists, view the latest crypto news articles, strong customer support and a highly informative Learn Crypto Guide. Lastly, its bill-paying feature that allows users to pay their bills with BTC is a revolutionary innovation that brings another real-world use case to digital assets. For these reasons, I highly recommend Digital Surge for Aussies looking to get started on their crypto journeys.  

If you are an advanced trader looking to optimise on things such as margin trading or to diversify into other crypto innovations such as NFTs and DeFi, you may be better suited to larger exchanges such as Binance and However, for the majority of investors who simply want to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies, Digital Surge has you covered.  

Want to Sign Up to Digital Surge? 

If you would like to sign up for Digital Surge, you can use my referral link to get started on your investment journey.  This helps support my website and doesn’t come at any cost to you.  Alternatively, you can manually enter the referral code ‘ W1RSR‘ in the Affiliate Code box when signing up if you’d like to support the website.

Sign Up to Digital Surge Here

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