Crypto.Com Review Australia – Is This Our Best Crypto Platform?

Welcome to my Review Australia edition. Today I’ll review, an online cryptocurrency app that allows users to invest in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. They also offer metallic debit cards that can be used to purchase everyday items with crypto, in addition to providing significant cashback rewards.

Crypto.Com Review Australia

What Is Crypto.Com? Review 2021 - What is it? is an international service that allows users the ability to enter the cryptocurrency market. With its easy to use interface, investors can buy and sell up to 45 different types of cryptocurrencies, including the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as smaller altcoins. 

Unlike traditional crypto platforms, also offers various incentives for using their platforms such as metallic cash-back rewards cards, the ability to stake and earn passive income on various cryptocurrencies and an insane cashback of up to 10% gift cards offered by popular Australian retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Coles and Itunes and full crypto reimbursements on subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Spotify. 

Why Invest in Crypto? 

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new product and as such, a lot of investors are sceptical about their validity as investments, largely due to their immense volatility. However, just because cryptocurrency is new doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a fad that is destined to fail.

Unlike fiat money (money introduced by governments that have no intrinsic value, such as dollar notes) which can be printed indefinitely and have an infinite supply, cryptocurrencies, for the most part, have a capped market supply. For example, Bitcoin is capped at 21 million, meaning that there can only ever be 21 million Bitcoins in circulation.

This is a deflationary precaution taken by the creator to ensure that the value of Bitcoin increases over time, due to the scarcity of the product. This can be a good hedge or alternate investment to cash as it can decrease in value based on inflation and the central bank’s ability to increase supply by printing more money.

Additionally, crypto can be seen as a good speculative investment by some due to the extraordinary returns witnessed by several coins in the last few years. For example, some coins have seen yearly returns of 1,000% which can be seen in the table below. 

While previous market performance is no indicator of future performance, assigning a small portion of your portfolio, even if it’s only one or two per cent could potentially yield parabolic returns if cryptocurrencies repeat this process. 

Similar to dividend-paying stocks, cryptocurrencies can also reward investors with returns ranging from 1-18% per annum via the earn feature on the map. Which is where users lock a fixed portion of their cryptocurrency on the exchange for a specified time period. Through doing this, users receive an agreed-upon percentage return in their given crypto. This is similar to how a term deposit works upon the end of their agreed period. As such, this can be another means of generating passive income and if you believe that the cryptocurrency has a strong long-term outlook, this can compound your long term capital gains even further. 

Crypto.Com Review Australia – The Perks

Before I joined this service I didn’t know a whole lot about cryptocurrency and had little intention of joining a cryptocurrency investment platform. However, the perks and rewards are what initially got me interested. Since then, I have a new appreciation for the potential role cryptocurrencies can play in the future of the global economy. 

Bonus Perk 1 – Metallic Visa Rewards Cards Review 2021 - Metallic Cards

When you sign up to, you have the option of applying for one of their five different visa cards. Each card operates on a different tier and has a range of perks such as crypto cashback, full crypto reimbursement for services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify, Airport Lounge Access and 10% crypto reimbursement on Expedia bookings. 

The first tier visa card Midnight Blue is free and comes with no registration fee. This card offers 1% CRO (the native cryptocurrency of cashback on all purchases. While not metallic, this can be a decent option for beginner investors who aren’t sure on whether crypto is for them. 

The second tier visa card Ruby Steel requires a taking of 2,500 CRO which at the time of writing this article, is approximately $215 AUD. While more expensive to attain, this is still a relatively low-cost option that provides a stylish, metallic visa card in addition to 2% cashback on all purchases and a full CRO reimbursement on Spotify. Meaning that each time you pay your monthly Spotify bill, you get the equivalent cashback in cryptocurrency, providing a slow but consistent passive income stream. 

The third tier and most popular visa cards come in Royal Indigo and Jade Green. These cards require staking of 25,000 CRO which is just north of $2150 AUD. While a much more substantial investment, this card comes with 3% crypto cashback, bonus staking on eligible cryptocurrencies and a full CRO reimbursement on both Spotify and Netflix.

The last two tiers require a much higher initial investment and if you’re reading reviews on the website, it’s unlikely that you’ll pursue these more expensive options. But I have attached a screenshot of all the tiers below to provide more information on the perks and rewards: Review Australia - Card Perks

Bonus Perk 2 – Generate Passive Income 

Similar to most investments, staking cryptocurrencies can result in a passive stream of income. By locking away a portion of your chosen crypto, you can receive interest rates between 1-18% based on the card tier you are on, the crypto and the duration of your staking.

Ranging from flexible (accessible at any time) to 3-month terms, these returns are currently unparalleled in any other asset class. This interest is paid out weekly, meaning that you have a consistently accessible passive income stream coming in. With interest rates at an all-time low, there has never been a better time to pursue staking. 

Bonus Perk 3 – Up to 10% Crypto Cashback on Grocery Shopping Review Australia - Cashback Coles

Currently, is offering 10% CRO cashback on Coles and Woolworths Gift Cards. There are no other cards that I am aware of that offer cashback at a rate anywhere near this high for simply buying groceries. 

You can also generate cashback bonuses for other gift cards such as iTunes, eBay, Amazon and Myer.

Crypto.Com Review Australia – The Downsides

Although I am a fan of the service offers, the company is not without its faults. Largely due to this service being relatively new and operating internationally, some features are not available in Australia currently and while there are plans to fix these, they are worth notating if you plan to invest now. 

Downside 1 – Fees With Credit/Debit Card 

Currently, the Crypto.Com app charges 3.5% to purchase cryptocurrencies with your linked credit or debit card. This is a substantially large fee and can eat away at any profits. You can avoid these fees by using the fiat wallet. Although, it can take up to 5 days for your bank transfer into this wallet to be processed. As such, if you’re looking to make timely crypto purchases, it comes at the expense of these fees.

Downside 2 – Limited Number of Cryptos on Offer

This is likely not an issue for the bulk of users who just want to access the aforementioned perks and to purchase Bitcoin. However, it is worth noting that allows you to purchase and trade 45 coins. This means that some of the lesser-known altcoins will have to be purchased by different means. 

Crypto.Com Review Australia
– Final Verdict

Despite being a relatively new service, offers a platform that allows Australians to enter the crypto market. With the ability to earn high stake rewards, spend your crypto through their metallic debit cards, receive a crypto cashback of up to 10% for grocery shopping and receive full CRO reimbursement for popular services like Spotify and Netflix, this is the best crypto debit card available.

With its easy to navigate user interface and offering the most popular cryptocurrencies, this service is great for beginner investors who want to reap the attractive benefits offered by and people who want to hold a serious stake in the crypto space. 

Get $25 USD For Free With Your Debit Card Review Australia Emerald Green Card

If you would like to sign up for one of the Metallic Crypto Debit Cards, you can use this link to receive $25 USD when you stake 2,500 CRO or more. This will give you access to the Tier 2 Ruby Steel Debit Card which offers 2% cashback and 100% CRO cashback returns on your Spotify subscription.

By staking 2,500 CRO or higher, you will not only receive access to the benefits of these debit cards but we will both earn 25 USD (Currently valued at about 34 AUD) to top up your debit card or invest in other cryptos.

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