Coffee: The Cost-Efficient Way to Getting your Daily Hit

Coffee is a quintessential staple in most people’s diets. Whether they enjoy the rich, aroma, the comforting warmth it brings in the morning or they simply use it as a tool to give them enough energy to face another miserable day at work, coffee has become a delicacy for most. So much so, that getting your daily Starbucks has become an automated habit, a necessity needed for any form of productivity to ensue. But here’s the thing, that $4 you fork out every day for your (Insert choice of hot beverage) adds up to $28 a week, $56 a fortnight, $117.33 a month and a whopping $1460 a year. Compare that to making it at home. You can get a decent coffee machine for less than $100 at some places, I’m personally happy with my $90 Kmart machine. However, I get that people may have more sophisticated tastes and may view my barbarism with disgust, so let’s assume you buy a high-quality coffee machine for $300 that you get on a sale. You combine that with a $10 bag of freshly ground coffee that lasts you a fortnight. That’s $260 a year. Add in your milk of choice which we will say costs roughly $100 per year and a decent travel mug/thermos that you buy for $40. Here’s the break down:

As you can see, it will cost you approximately $7300 to feed your daily Starbucks addiction over a period of 5 years
Alternatively, it will cost you only $2300 to feed your coffee addiction for five years if you make it daily in the convenience of your own home. Meaning that you will pay less than a third of what you would buying from Starbucks and giving you an extra $5000 that you can spend on things that are more important to you.

As you can see, once you purchase the coffee machine, the yearly expenses of buying your coffee beans, milk and replacing a thermos (this part is completely optional by the way, a thermos can last decades if looked after correctly) to get your daily coffee hit ends up being $400 a year or a mere $1.10 a day. That’s a saving of $1060 a year. Now I’m sure there are still a few sceptics in the audience, saying that they don’t want to pay $340 to get started with their own coffee, but here’s the break down on exactly how long it would take for the savings you make from your home coffee to cover the initial cost of the machine and the thermos.

Monthly Cost of Home Made Coffee + Initial Items (Machine + Thermos)

Ground Coffee = $260 divided by 12 = $21.66 x 4 = 86.64

Milk = $100 divided by 12 = 8.33 (Monthly Cost of Milk) x 4 = $33.32

Machine + Thermos = $340

Total Cost of everything over 4 months = $460

Monthly Cost of Starbucks Coffee:

$1460 divided by 12 = $121.66

Total Cost of Starbucks Over 4 Months: $121.66 x 4 = $486.66

And there you have it, even with dishing out the extra $300 for the machine and the $40 for the thermos, it would only take four months for the money you save from making your daily coffee to become lower than the amount that you would have spent on your daily Starbucks addiction.

You can find one of the highest-rated coffee makers in Australia for under $200 AUD here.

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